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A Roofer in Georgetown, TX That You Can Trust

Nothing beats the feeling of feeling safe and secure under one’s own roof. If you’re looking for a roofer in Georgetown, TX to help you achieve the roof that you feel comfortable under, we’re here to help. We have more than 14 years of experience in the industry. 

Raise the Roof For Quality

Regardless of your roofing needs, our experts always prioritize the use of high-quality materials, customer satisfaction, and detail in our craft.  JASB Roofing and Exterior Remodeling is your local and friendly roofing expert, ready to assist you with all your roofing needs including:


Roofing Installations: Installing a new roof is one of the biggest and most important investments that you’ll make. Trust in our knowledgeable contractors.


Roof Repairs: You can never  feel safe under a leaky roof. The good news is that our experts have seen it all and repaired it all. 


Roof Replacement. When your roof is damaged beyond repair, our team will efficiently handle its full replacement. We want you to have peace of mind, that your roof is being handled by professionals.

Why Work With Our Roofers?

One call will do it all with our experienced roofing contractors. Get in touch with JASB Roofing and Exterior Remodeling today. We can also manage your siding repair, window replacement, and drywall repair.

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On All Roof and Siding Replacements!

We are confident in the quality of our work. When you put your trust in us for your roofing and siding replacement project, you are covered for 10 years!
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What our clients are saying

  • John Carson Avatar
    John Carson
    - Google

    JASB spotted damage to my roof and did a quick... read more

    Darrell Pellacani Avatar
    Darrell Pellacani
    - Google

    We replaced the original masonite siding with Hardie plank siding... read more

    Frances Woolsey Avatar
    Frances Woolsey
    - Google

    We had a roof that needed repair and/or replacing and... read more

    John Goff Avatar
    John Goff
    - Google

    We contracted with JASB to replace our aging and cracked... read more

    Janneke P. Avatar
    Janneke P.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    Audie was really great to work with and really flexible... read more

    Chucky H. Avatar
    Chucky H.
    4 star rating
    - Yelp

    JASB did an amazing job replacing and painting all of... read more

  • Letty Perez Avatar
    Letty Perez
    - Google

    We have had a great experience with JASB Solutions. We... read more

    David Wallace Avatar
    David Wallace
    - Google

    JASB was a terrific contractor. Audie, the owner, came out... read more

    Karen Kollar Avatar
    Karen Kollar
    - Google

    We highly recommend JASB Roofing & Exterior. The roof installation... read more

    David W. Avatar
    David W.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    JASB was a terrific contractor. Audie, the owner, came out... read more

    Christina K. Avatar
    Christina K.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    I was looking to change all of the windows in... read more

    Craig F.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Audie Brower and his crew led by Ivan are a... read more

  • Morrie S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Audie did a fantastic job. He expedited replacing the roofs... read more

    Ty Jarratt Avatar
    Ty Jarratt
    - Google

    We have had Audie perform multiple projects at our family’s... read more

    Al Brown Avatar
    Al Brown
    - Google

    Audie and his team installed and painted new Hardie Board... read more

    Austin Biplane Avatar
    Austin Biplane
    - Google

    I am doing a complete remodel in East Austin (Cherrywood).... read more

    Kat Closmann Avatar
    Kat Closmann
    - Google

    Audie and his team did a great job repairing a... read more

    Diane Juarez Avatar
    Diane Juarez
    - Google

    Audie and his crew are very professional, they mounted a... read more

  • Randy McClendon Avatar
    Randy McClendon
    - Google

    Thanks for a great value for my money. You have... read more

    Alex Bellon Avatar
    Alex Bellon
    - Google

    JASB did a great job with my siding project. Everything... read more

    Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown
    - Google

    Audie did such an amazing job on following up and... read more

    Alex B.
    - HomeAdvisor

    JASB was very professional throughly the process. Prices were competitive... read more

    Delia R.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Great customer service!

    Tracy B.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Scott was awesome! He worked me into his busy... read more

  • Christiane Michaelis Avatar
    Christiane Michaelis
    - Google

    We were very happy with the way JASB was doing... read more

    Mary Garcia Avatar
    Mary Garcia
    - Google

    We are very satisfied and appreciate the excellent work that... read more

    Clint Anderson Avatar
    Clint Anderson
    - Google

    We asked JASB to replace the siding and insulation on... read more

    Diane J.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Very knowledgeable and professional

    Elena P.
    - HomeAdvisor

    PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY, EFFICIANCY - those are the words... read more

    Morris Brown Avatar
    Morris Brown
    - Google

    Audie and his crew replaced all of the original siding... read more

  • Nicole Ortiz Avatar
    Nicole Ortiz
    - Google

    Audie and his crews do an amazing job.They are always... read more

    Lynn E.
    - HomeAdvisor

    I'm thrilled with JASB 's professional job installing hardi... read more

    Jerry Smith Avatar
    Jerry Smith
    - Google

    Very pleased by our experience with Audie and JASB. We... read more

    J Smith Avatar
    J Smith
    - Google

    Great experience with Audie and JASB Roofing. Replaced damaged composite... read more

    Trey R.
    - HomeAdvisor

    I usually don't leave reviews but in this case I... read more

    Lovely Me Avatar
    Lovely Me
    - Google

    Audie Brower with JASB did a phenomenal job completely renovating... read more

  • Debra Weldy Avatar
    Debra Weldy
    - Google

    JASB did a very good job repairing and painting the... read more

    L Blenden Avatar
    L Blenden
    - Google

    As both a realtor and home owner, I understand the... read more

    John Weafer Avatar
    John Weafer
    - Google

    JASB Solutions was responsive, professional, and well organized. I'm... read more

    Pietro Caporusso Avatar
    Pietro Caporusso
    - Google

    Professional and timely. Fairly priced. Good problem-solving of circumstances... read more

    Robin Golson Avatar
    Robin Golson
    - Google

    Audie built a beautiful pergola for our backyard. Now... read more

    Drew Bucci Avatar
    Drew Bucci
    - Google

    Audie helped us replace siding on our whole house. He... read more

  • jerry molnar Avatar
    jerry molnar
    - Google

    I'm so happy that JABS solutions put a new roof... read more

    Howard Thompson Avatar
    Howard Thompson
    - Google

    We wanted to have a screened in porch built into... read more

    Harriet Grogan Avatar
    Harriet Grogan
    - Google

    Excellent work, Audie helped me with my insurance paperwork and... read more

    Elizabeth Perez Avatar
    Elizabeth Perez
    - Google

    Wonderful work ! Cheap price , the people are amazing... read more

    Debra W.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Audie gave me very good advice on how to solve... read more

    Pietro C.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Very pleased with the professionalism and the problem-solving.

  • Pat E.
    - HomeAdvisor

    They are great. Chris goes out of his way... read more

    Ivory W.
    - HomeAdvisor

    They did a great job!

    Yang L.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Audie from JSAB provided me with a lot of professional... read more

    Topper T. Avatar
    Topper T.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    We had Audie and crew out to look at our... read more

    William S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Top Quality

  • JASB spotted damage to my roof and did a quick and thorough repair. I also had them install new windows... read more

    John Carson
  • We replaced the original masonite siding with Hardie plank siding on our 35 year old home. Audie did a... read more

    Darrell Pellacani
  • We had a roof that needed repair and/or replacing and asked friends who to use. JASB was recommended and... read more

    Frances Woolsey
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